An Alley Toolkit for San Francisco

San Francisco has many famous commercial alleys and now it has an Alley Allies-like toolkit produced by the City’s planning department to help residents improve their alleys. We’ve been in touch with the project team who tell us they were inspired by the Alley Allies Toolkit in addition to listing it as a national best practice. Their toolkit improves on many of the strengths of our document and we couldn’t be happier!

Good Ideas Begin to Spread

The SF Planning toolkit builds on the same bones as our toolkit, by helping residents identify their goals before jumping into information about the kinds of improvements possible and then providing some of the forms and templates needed to start planning alley projects. Learn more about their Market Octavia Living Alley Program here. See below for a side-by-side of our two toolkits, SF Planning’s toolkit is on the left and ours is on the right.


Some of Our Favorite Additions

SF Planning’s toolkit covers a lot of details our toolkit did not. For example, it discusses using alternating planters, car parking and other treatments to create a winding alley (chicane) that slows traffic speeds, and ways to improve safety at mid-block crossings where alleys intersect streets. A few of these examples are shown below, but we highly recommend people read through this fantastic document as they dig into their own projects.



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