Portland Alley Project at the 2015 In It Together Community Summit

The group has been invited to present at the Office of Neighborhood Involvement led forum to discuss our work around Alley Allies and the projects that have occurred since that project. We’re looking forward to talking about the exciting projects we’ve been involved with and hearing about related efforts by others. For those who couldn’t make it, we’ve posted our presentation below. We will be presenting as a part of the afternoon session called “Community-led improvements to parks and public spaces”. Details from the ONI website are below.

Community-led improvements to parks and public spaces – How to bring new assets and amenities to your park or publicly owned land

Whether it’s seeking amenities in your local park or createive uses of an adjacent alley or or a publicly owned space, learn how to initiate community-led projects to build improvements on City Parks and Recreation sites as well as innovative ideas for use of underutilized publicly owned properties. In this session we’ll discuss community-initiated success stories, review the challenges and opportunities of implementation, and provide recommendations and resources to get started.


Lori Howell – Friends of Spring Garden Park
Terri Davis –  Zone 2 Manager, City of Portland, Parks and Recreation
Derek Dauphin – Portland Alley Project/Alley Allies
Linda Robinson – Friends of Gateway Green, Hazelwood Neighborhood Association

Our Presentation

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