Southeast Portland Projects

Southeast Portland’s network of alleys was the focus of the Alley Allies project. Since the end of the planning phase, projects have been initiated by PSU capstone students, residents and community groups.

Note: The Institute for Sustainable Solutions’ Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) seeks to connect residents and community groups in specific Southeast Portland neighborhoods with PSU courses and other resources to help them complete projects to improve the sustainability of the community. If you have an alley project that you need help with, they may be able to provide support. Click here to learn more about the SNI program.




BlockPartyinAlley-Alley7172 This project focused on establishing an improvement plan for a specific alley in Southeast Portland between 71st and 72nd Streets and Rhone and Center Streets. The team, Stephen James, Adam McSorley, Jesse Pollard and Camille Walker, originally intended to create buildable drawings for a structure in the alley as their final product, but quickly realized that most of their work would like in using the Alley Allies Toolkit to build a community vision and multi-phased plan for implementation. In the end, they were able to build the first alley improvements in the Portland Metro region using the Alley Alleys principles and tools and have garnered support from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions.

Learn More About Their Process

Mt. Scott-Arleta Project

Community Leads: Jonathan Brandt and the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association

Date: Summer 2013

This project seeks to establish a community food garden for residents in a long alley between 63rd and 64th Streets stretching south from Foster Road towards the Arleta School area. 

Lents Project

Community Leads: Xavi Cortal and Portland Enrichment

Date: Fall 2013

For the Lents project, the goal was community building and improving safety and accessibility in the alley. During the fall of 2013, Portland Enrichment worked with residents along the alley to undertake the early outreach required to identify what improvements the residents need and what issues there are to overcome.

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