Policy & Research



We have an ongoing interest in working with city planning staff in Portland and in other cities to understand the policy needs related to public right-of-way improvements such as the alley projects and unpaved roads. As the first community projects are built out, we are helping connect them to the appropriate staff and provide other support as needed.

Click here to read the policy recommendations outlined in the Alley Allies Plan. This guidance is broadly applicable to public right-of-way improvements in any city.

Community Uses for Alleys Recognized in the Comprehensive Plan

Portland’s Comprehensive Plan Update includes the following language which formally recognizes the city’s alleys and also that they can serve innovative new community uses in addition to more traditional transportation functions.

Policy 4.11 Alleys. Encourage the continued use of alleys for parking access and expand their use as the location of accessory dwelling units and as multi‐purpose community space. 


Research Projects

PSU Partner: Celine Fitzmaurice

For the last two years, we have worked with PSU faculty to organize a series of student capstone projects that seek to expand on the concept of alleys as shared community spaces with a diversity of uses. Teams of undergraduate students from a variety of departments formed groups around projects proposed by Portland Alley Project members. Click on the project titles below to learn more about the projects.

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